Weekly Update on the Farm

I can’t believe that we woke up this morning to snow. I hate snow. I really really really hate snow. I am so tired of cold weather. The older that I get the worse I can’t stand the cold. Since losing the weight it has been unbearable. Today we are working on the house again.

We had hoped to have this house on the market by May but have changed our strategy. We want to have the new house under roof before listing this one so we are slowing the pace on the remodeling on this one a bit. We work each weekend and it is really taking shape.

Today we are painting inside the master closet. It hadn’t been painted since we first moved in more than 19 years ago. Ughh.. It was horrible. Mike is in there now doing that. I removed everything and organized it so that we can find what we need for the next week. If we put our clothing back in there too soon the odor of paint will get into the clothing. We can’t have that. EWWWWWWW

We have been working on figuring out where everything will go in the new house and where things need to be expanded to. The kitchen and pantry have been enlarged. I am so excited about the pantry. It is now 14 feet by 10 feet. I will have long pantry closets on each side and an island will full cabinetry under it. Mike wants a small sink in the island too.

We have made the laundry room larger. I explained what my needs were and he explained how he wanted the washer and dryer encased in cabinetry so we had to make it big enough to have a hanging area for my fine washables.

I know this won’t make any sense to many people but we both agreed that we did not want a bathtub in the master bathroom. We only want a 4X4 shower. If we need to soak our old bones we can do so in the hot tub that will be just outside the french doors that lead from the master bedroom to the deck. We have to enclose this area to keep the chickens from trying to soak with us. hahaha

I was watching Design to Sell and saw a beautiful master bathroom that had the door to the master closet in it instead of the Master Bedroom. I fell in love with it so we are planning to do that as well. I have shown Mike a million and one ways to put in storage and organizers in the new house. I can’t wait. Everything will have a place. I will be in heaven. 🙂


5 responses to “Weekly Update on the Farm

  1. Sounds lovely and exciting! Don’t you just love those HGTV shows!! I’m anxiously awaiting the drawing later this month for the dream home! I’d love to win, never had a home of my own so fingers crossed! Continued success on your farm adventures!

    • I love those homes too but don’t even bother entering them. I know that I will never leave my little corner of WV. I love living here and this is where Caleb is so I am staying put. 🙂 I love HGTV. Mike and I spend hours every day watching that show. We could get more done on the house if we didn’t. At least it is dark when we watch. haha

      • I entered this time cause the house is in Stowe Vermont just up the road a piece from where I live in Massachusetts. Fingers still crossed.

  2. Grace,
    Love hearing your new house planning adventures, but I’m missing your weekly menus 😦 Soak your bones in the hot tub…replace tub space in the bathroom with a vanity 🙂 My two cents.

    • Tomorrow I will give people a chance to vote on if the weekly menu should come back. I have gotten emails from people too so I will ask. Cast your vote on that one. 🙂

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