Choosing and Raising Chickens

Tuesday night I came home from work and began researching interior decorating books online. I quickly found a few books that I could purchase but I would hate to buy a book and then not be pleased with it once I got it. Then I had a duh moment. Years ago there was this place I used to take my children and they would let us borrow books for free. Can you imagine that? For free!! Free is my favorite word with all of this remodeling we are doing here.

So I called my local library to find out which night they would be open in the evening. Living in a rural area you are pretty much stuck going through the day or on Saturday. I was so blessed. It turns out that on Tuesday they are open until 7. I grabbed my shoes and drove the 7 miles to this library.

When I went in I asked them to check my library card to see if I could still borrow books. The librarian was shocked at my card. She said they hadn’t had the little white cards in more than 15 years. hahaha It had actually only been about 2 years since I last went to the library.

As I walked up and down the aisles I found some kitchen remodeling books that gave me a few ideas. I found a landscaping book that Mike had said he would like to see. He loved it. I also found a couple of books on choosing and raising chickens that I spent most of the evening reading. One book I was so happy with that I know I must own.

This book discusses EVERY breed of chicken and discusses their temperament and which ones lay the best eggs. Seems some chickens are bred to eat and some are for laying eggs. They discuss roosters and what the benefits and drawbacks of having roosters are. I want 1 rooster but it had better be a nice one. The first time a rooster tries to flog Caleb he will find himself the main ingredient in my next low carb recipe that I share with you guys. 🙂

I was so pleased with the library books that I went online and found others that neighboring libraries have that they will forward to my little rural library. I can’t wait. I can’t believe that I forgot how much I enjoyed going to the library. I used to take my children every week. I had a pretty white basket that I would carry our books in. The children would get 2 books each and I would get 5-7 each. It was kind of like going home except I didn’t recognize any of the librarians there and the old ones knew me by name. I have to correct that. 🙂


2 responses to “Choosing and Raising Chickens

  1. Go you! I love chickens. When I worked at the farm market in high school, we used to have a bunch walking around our selling area. They were so cute. I used to carry them around when it was a bit slow. I also adore those fancy chickens that look like they are heading to the opera. They are my favorite at the Fairs. Are you going to get a fancy one or two?

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