My Weekly Menu for 3/13/11

This has been a wonderful weekend. My daughter has been here since Friday and will be leaving today. It has been a wonderful visit but way too short. Caleb loved having her at his beck and call yesterday. Today is Caleb’s birthday party. It is hard to believe that we have had this wonderful little boy in our lives for three years now.

Kristin is serving spaghetti and salad at his party. Yesterday I spent hours making 7 pounds of buffalo wings to take for the Diabetics in the group to eat low carb. I also made a pan of cream cheese brownies. Yummm.

I start my new job tomorrow. I must be more nervous about it than I thought because last night Idreamed I got up for my first day of work and accidentally went back to my old place of employment out of habit. hahaha

This week I am making cranberry pecan muffins for my breakfast and will have a low carb yogurt as well.

For our dinners we will have the following.

Sunday- left over pizza potroast

Monday- new porkchop recipe.

Tuesday- left over porkchops

Wednesday- Cube steak with cheese

Thursday- left over cube steak

Friday- chicken stir fry- recipe to come.

Saturday- left over chicken stir fry

My vegetables for the week will include:

  • salad
  • onions
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms

2 responses to “My Weekly Menu for 3/13/11

  1. Thank you Grace for bringing your menus back! Please do share the new recipes coming up!


    • I promise to share the recipes this week if we like them. We are actually having the porkchop recipe tomorrow. We ended up having so many leftovers from the birthday party that I didn’t have to cook tonight. 🙂

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