Low Carb Lunch Box Idea #23

I thought that I would share both a lunch box idea and a money saving tip with you. I have mentioned many times that I love to shop at Aldi. I found this Artisan Salad for only $2. When I see this in the larger box stores it is between $6-7.

This salad is so fresh. I simply tear it apart with my fingers and use my salad spinner to wash and dry it. I get this huge bowl of salad from that tiny little box.

This is enough salad to make 4 nice size salads for my lunch. I also cut up broccoli in small bite size portions and kept them in a different container.

I boiled some eggs for my salads for the week.

I put salad, broccoli, cheddar cheese and chopped egg into this bowl.

I grilled California Burgers to take with my salad each day. However, when I was coming back in the house a funny thing happened. I can laugh now but at the time I was furious. Mike had leaned a ladder against the kitchen cabinet and when I came in carrying the hot burgers from the back deck the ladder fell and was about to land on my head. I dropped all but 3 of the burgers. The hounds were so happy. LOL

I have enough burgers for three lunches instead of the entire week as I had planned.

I chopped the burger and put it into its own container so that I can heat it once I get to work. Then I will add it to the salad.

I found some Creamy Garlic Ceaser salad dressing at Aldi that is only 1 carb per serving. I put that in its own container to dip while eating. The lunch broke down like this.

  • Salad-3
  • Broccoli-1
  • cheese-1
  • egg-0
  • california turkey burgers-2
  • salad dressing- 4

This comes to 11 for the meal. I might have a low carb yogurt for another 3 if I feel the need for something sweet.


4 responses to “Low Carb Lunch Box Idea #23

  1. I shop at Aldi’s in Tennessee, I have never found some of the items you
    have mentioned, like the sugar free chocolate chips! Now this salad!
    We must be way behind in Tennessee…..

    • The Aldi’s here hasn’t had the sugar free chocolate chips in a long time. I had bought several packages and froze them but am getting dangerously close to being out of them. 😦

      Since I have a new job and work in a new town I will be shopping at a different Aldi from now on. I hope that this one still carries the Artisan Salad.

  2. The MN Aldis have the salad as well but it is a very new item. That salad looks really good and it’s cheaper than the good price on the Costco prepriced chopped up organic salad I was getting. Yum…

    I am also fascinated by your mystical sugar free chocolate chips;).

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