Are You Prepared For A Natural Disaster?

While watching the television learning of what is going on in Japan it really drives home the need to be ready if a natural disaster occurred or if something caused a collapse of our current system. While I don’t believe that some sort of financial apocalypse is going to occur I do believe that a depression is possible in our future again.

I watch of the struggles going on in Japan and I realized that if a natural disaster occurred such as there and what the US experienced in New Orleans am I prepared? The answer is a huge NO. While I am happy with the progression of the items that I am storing in my pantry I am in no way prepared to sustain us on what is in there.

I have canned vegetables and some fruit but very little meat. If a disaster occurred I am sure that electricity would be gone and what meat is in my fridge would go bad very quickly. When my children were small I often canned meat to take with us camping. When other campers were struggling to make hotdogs over the fire we had elaborate meals that were very well-balanced and tasty. I plan to buy some meat in bulk soon and can that to keep for emergencies.

Do you have enough medication to last if suddenly you couldn’t get to the pharmacy? I think I am going to get a 3 month supply next time that I fill my prescriptions. What about medical supplies such as bandages and antiseptics?

What other items do you think we need?

  1. Source of lighting such as oil lanterns
  2. Source of heat- fireplaces, kerosene heaters
  3. Source of water- rain barrels and bottled water
  4. Source of money- banks and ATM machines might not be available. Do you have cash on hand?
  5. Source of alternative shelter? What if your house was inhabitable? Do you have a tent or alternative camp sight that you can go to?

I realized that I am no where near ready for a disaster and I need to rectify this. What other things can you think of that we might need to get?


6 responses to “Are You Prepared For A Natural Disaster?

  1. I’m a Katrina survivor, a very lucky one. We thought we were prepared, but nothing really prepares seniors for no electricity in late August in Mississippi. We had some gasoline stored for our generators…but once that was gone, there was no more for many days. With today’s prices, I doubt we could afford to run one now.
    Batteries, batteries, batteries! You will go through them quickly. Stored water, and more than you think. You can’t rely on rain water. Store some comfort foods. Small items, but good moral boosters. A gas grill, charcoal, bug repellants, and sun screen lotions. Lots of canned meats for diabetics. Plastic bags for toilet use. Bleach! A designated meeting site if the worst happens. Buy a military survival book, if you can find one.
    I pray we never need these things…..

    • Oh Honey I can’t imagine what you went through. I think the military survival book is a great idea. I hadn’t thought of the plastic bags for toilet use. Sometimes you can’t flush toilets and you would need to get rid of it in some manner.

      When it flooded here once we went through an unbelievable amount of bleach. After that I stocked up on it but the bottom of the bottles began to leak on my floor. I wonder if there is any other way to store bleach for longer periods of time.

      I heard through the news that Japan doesn’t allow anyone to store more than 2 weeks of food at a time. I can’t imagine that. My heart goes out to all that are suffering over there.

  2. Make sure you include your pets in prepping: food, water, and any medications.

    • Oh this is an excellent point. The hounds can go through a tremendous amount of food. The new house we are building we should be able to store more of it. This house is too small to stock up on much of it. Perhaps a month supply but I would have no where to put the rest.

  3. Grace, I forgot something else I wanted to mention. Duct Tape. We found a thousand uses for it.
    If this is a long term thing, I think lots of salt. Preserving….etc.

    • That is a great idea. My husband uses duct tape for medical uses when he gets injured on a job site too. I have now seen that they make bandages made from it now too.

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