Flea Control

Last year my daughter’s dog, Katie began having seizures as a result of using Frontline for fleas. We had always used Frontline for our dogs too but now we are afraid to use it. I searched online to find a more natural product to see if it works for fleas as well and found out about Diatomaceous Earth. It is comes in 2 different grades and you would want to use the food grade on your pets. It is reasonably cheap and from what I have been able to find online it apparently works very well. Has anyone else tried this for their pets?

Die Fleas! Die! Die! Die!

Bug Killer You Can Eat

Where to buy it.

I plan to get this and try it on the hounds and also treat the backyard with it. Daisy has a horrible allergy to fleas but I just can’t put Frontline on her anymore without worrying about it so I am going to see if this works. Any other opinions and knowledge on a healthy alternative to flea control is more than welcome here.


2 responses to “Flea Control

  1. Yes, I bought mine online from wolfcreek, a lot for a very low price.

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