Do you have a Save-A-Lot near your home? I used to shop there all the time but stopped for several years. On Saturday I dropped in just to pick up milk and was pleasantly surprised to find many changes there. I walked up and down all of the aisles to see what they had new. They are carrying more items than before and the prices are pretty fair. I still think Aldi’s produce is much much better but the fresh meat department had more of an option.

They had a deal that I was very pleased with. They had many meat items that had stickers on them that if you chose 5 packages you could get them for $19.98. If you purchased the items separately they would have cost you more than $25 so this was a deal. Since there are only 2 of us living here buying 5 packages of meat would last us 2 weeks of meals for only $19.98. I plan to take advantage of this deal often.

Do you shop at Save-A-Lot?


6 responses to “Save-A-Lot

  1. Hi Grace, I do have a Save A Lot in my town. Like you I haven’t shopped there in a while. That sounds like a great savings on meat. I will definately have to check it out. I am currently trying to find new ways to cut corners on my grocery spending. I’ve been using coupons for a lot of things although it’s tough finding very many for low carb items. I have also been buying a lot of managers specials at my Kroger. They usually have them in produce and meat. I take my Aldi’s ad to Walmart and ad match the produce there since it is closer.

    • I wish that I had Aldi ads. I live too far away to get them. I know that I will be getting most of my meats at Sav-a-lot now that I have found their meat deals are so great.

      • Grace, Aldi’s ads are available for viewing online now. They post this week’s and the next. I just love that! It makes menu planning easier.

        We enjoy shopping Save-A-Lot as well.

      • Oh I have to remember this. I love saving money. :::sigh:::

      • I wish that we had an Aldi’s! Where we used to live we had 2 Aldi’s and 2 Sav-a-Lots; all of them together got probably 75% of my grocery business. I really love Aldi’s but the closest one is over 2 hours away…

  2. Interestingly enough, I am “working” (takes me a couple of days to organize my thoughts when writing about a specific topic) on a blog post about Sav-a-Lot! We get the majority of our groceries there; in a small town there aren’t a whole lot of options (although it would still be my main store even if there were!) and it’s just a mile from my house. We’re there several times a week…anyway, they have the best meat in town, good produce, and a fine selection of low carb “other foods” (frozen/canned goods, for example). If it were our only store, I would do just fine even though I’d have to order things like vital wheat gluten or coconut flour online :).

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