Coconut Flour Donuts

Last weekend I made these donuts and they are wonderful. I don’t think that I will make them often because I had absolutely no self-control with them. Luckily the recipes makes very tiny donuts and not that many. Still, when you make them be sure to have others around so that the entire pan aren’t available to you alone. 🙂

I found the recipe at the 24/7 low carb diner. I used the recipe there to make the chocolate that I dipped them in. Then to make the unsweetened coconut as soft as sweetened coconut I put about 1 cup of coconut in a bowl, added 1 Tablespoon Splenda and 3 Tablespoons water, covered with plastic wrap and microwaved for 15 seconds. I left the plastic wrap on top of the bowl for about 5 minutes to steam the coconut.

I don’t have the carb count for these because it all depends on what you top the donuts with. The recipe for the donuts says that you get 12 mini donuts but I only got 9 mini donuts. Don’t try to use your kitchenaide mixer on this one. Just mix the batter in a bowl with a wire whisk. It is very simple to do. Enjoy.


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