Ice Cream Maker

I love ice cream and the store bought low carb ice creams often spiked my glucose so while my husband and grandson would enjoy ice cream I had to just watch. :::sigh:::

Lately I have been finding low carb ice cream recipes online and they have all natural ingredients that I have used in other recipes so I know they won’t spike me. Last Sunday I ordered myself a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and it arrived yesterday.

I am going shopping today to get the ingredients to make them. I hope everyone here likes ice cream. I can see a trend coming your way. 🙂


2 responses to “Ice Cream Maker

  1. We have been making Low Carb Ice Cream for two years now. Love it. I have a couple of recipies that my wife has played with on my blog.

    A word of caution – from the time it is ice cream until you get it into the bowls – has got to be super fast – or it freezes into a block around the sides of the machine. If you add a small amount of flavored liquor – chocolate or coffee – it turns out soft serve without this problem happening.
    TNT Man

    • OHHH I am off to look at your recipes too. I bought the coconut milk tonight to make some tomorrow. I appreciate the advice. I have never made ice cream. I do recall my parents making it once when we were small children. I still have that old fashioned ice maker that they had but I have never used it. The electric ones are so nice. Less cost too as you don’t need ice and salt. Yay!!!

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