I met a woman at work that has been learning to eat low carb to control her low glucose issues. Her doctor told her that she would become a Diabetic eventually and she needed to try to get this under control now so she is. She is very conscious of everything that she is eating and is doing an amazing job. She was a bit disappointed that she can’t seem to eat out now so I thought that I would start weekly or bi-weekly threads with eating out options.

This week is Applebees. I went out with my girlfriends for dinner on Thursday and we went to Applebees. We tend to go there about once a month. They have 2 options on their menu that I always get but they have many more things that are low carb.

I love their Santa Fe Chicken Salad. I have them leave the tortilla strips off and it fits my needs. The salad has grilled marinated chicken breasts on a bed of greens with homemade pico de gallo and Mexi-ranch dressing, cheese guacamole and sour cream too! Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Another opton that I get there is the Grilled Shrimp N Spiniach Salad. I don’t have to ask them to leave anything off and it is perfect. It is tender spinach, crips bacon, roasted red peppers, red onions, toasted almonds and hot bacon vinaigrette- all topped with succulent shrimp straight from the grill.

What I suggest is before you go to a restaurant to eat look at their menu online and plan your meal. Call ahead if necessary and ask the manager if you can make exchanges for certain items for the meal. Most restaurants will let you swap out a vegetable for the baked potato. Eating low carb doesn’t mean you have to stop going out. It just means you have to plan for it.

Applebees Menu


2 responses to “Applebees

  1. GrannyMumantoog

    Hi Grace,
    I would tell newbies that there are many factors to look at when eating out.

    First, of course, it all depends on what a person allows for their daily carb total. Then, the menus don’t always tell the whole story. If a restaurant has online nutritional info I always check that. Still a lot of them just lump the whole menu item into one nutritional label which includes the items you take off, like the bun or croutons. If you have an idea about how much of the carb count is the bun etc you can do the math otherwise you may have to email or call them to see if you can get more info.

    Whenever I eat out, I never order menu items that are made IN a sauce if there is something that includes a sauce on top, I have the waitress find out if there is sugar in the sauce. If so, I leave it off. I recently went somewhere where they had a delicious sounding burger with a roasted red pepper & garlic sauce. Sounds innocent enough but on checking found out it has sugar. Some of these exotic sauces can be loaded with carbs. Since I have a low daily carb allowance these things make a huge difference for me.

    My stand-by meal when I eat out:
    Almost all non-fast food restaurants have some kind of burgers, usually large burgers with great toppings. If I’m not sure about some of the things on the menu even after asking (sometimes they just don’t know) I order a burger. My usual in most places is bacon/mushroom/swiss burger. I have yet to find a place that doesn’t serve it with tomato/lettuce & mayo. I order it on a plate, without the bun, mayo on the side and an order of broccoli (most places have broccoli) instead of fries. The reason I ask for it on a plate is that a lot of places server their burgers in some kind of basket on butcher paper. And I’m not talking about fast food places either. I learned this the hard way, if it comes that way without the bun the paper gets soggy & horrible. (Just a side tip!) Anyway, this is usually a huge plate of food and very satisfying.

    Most places have some kind of steak or grilled chicken dishes too. Just leave off the sauces and have some veggies and/or a salad on the side & it’s a meal.

    If there is nothing else, a large chef salad, or any salad with grilled meat or shrimp added will do…without the croutons & ask about the dressing. Walden Farms sells some of their dressings in packets (Netrition) so I keep some on hand & take a couple with me when I know I’m going out to eat. I do mix them with either mayo for the creamy ones or olive oil for the others, to richen them up. Otherwise, some restaurants have oil & vinegar if the other dressings have sugar in them. I’d have to say that Chinese and Indian restaurants are the only ones I avoid because they just have too many things made with sauces etc that I can’t eat. I make Chinese & Indian dishes at home tho’ because I do love those cuisines!

    So that’s the basics for me. Remember, restaurants want and need your business so they will serve things the way you want them. If not, let them know you will not be back and that you will tell others that they are not accommodating to customers. This only happened to me once. I have since learned that the restaurant in question now treats customers better, but I won’t go back to it. There are plenty of other restaurants to go to. Sue

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