Farm Update

It has been a few weeks since I have given a farm update. The reason is things kind of slowed down quite a bit on the remodeling because Mike’s work kind of picked up in a furry. He has only had 2 days off from work in the last 5 weeks.

Sunday morning he was off and we went to the farm and hiked about 20 acres in the rain. It was wonderful. I had so much fun. I took my camera but with the rain pictures didn’t really happen much. I took 2 pictures and then my battery died anyway so it was ok. I enjoyed the hike and our strategizing really sparked us to begin again on the house to get it sold.

The road to the farm is halfway completed. We actually drove halfway up and parked and walked the rest of the way. I do have to say that having lost the weight the hike uphill is soooooooooo much easier. LOL When we got to the top of the hill I could see all of Mike’s grandmother’s Easter Lily’s that she had planted along the road to where their barn had been. When we got closer to the where their home had been I found dozens of her rosebushes with bright green leaves on them. Before we begin excavating to build the house I intend to transplant those to another area to save them. Then I will put them around our new home later.

We chose where we want the barn to be for the 2 calves and the pig that we plan to get. We also chose where we want the chicken coop. We discussed the berry orchard that we want. We hiked along a trail that had been made by deer and when we got to the top of the hill the view was spectacular. Mike wants to eventually put a gazebo there where we can take his telescope in the evenings to watch the stars.

As I mentioned before it was raining so the only wildlife that we saw was one deer and a couple of squirrels. We did come along a tree in between rain showers that was covered in butterflies.  The only pictures that I got while we were there were of this tree. I asked on a message board and learned that it is a Linden tree. Isn’t it beautiful? It is where the front yard used to be of his grandparent’s home.

After we came home from the barn we cleaned up and went to Lowes. We bought enough tile to put in the dining room, a new door for Caleb’s room and enough trim to replace the baseboards in there. I am excited and can’t wait to begin working on the rest of the house to get over to the farm. I want to MOVE so badly. It really is a shame that I never learned patience but I am smart enough to know not to pray for it. haha


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  1. It sounds so lovely! When I’ve googled my mom’s maiden name, one of the meanings that comes up is Linden tree. I’ve never seen one before!

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