Tips for Dieting

There is a message board that I frequent on a regular basis. A woman there asked for advice on dieting. She was having trouble with self sabotage and then felt very guilty afterwards. I think we can all relate. I am sure we have all been there at some time. I wanted to share here what I shared over there. The following is from my post there.

First I want to say good for you for trying to make yourself healthier.

Secondly, I have lost 105 pounds and kept it off now for over a year. I did not have the luxury of falling off of the wagon. I was diagnosed with Diabetes and it was either limit my carbs to control my glucose levels or stick a needle in my stomach. I decided to limit my carbs.

Now I want to give some advice. No matter what diet you follow you will have some days that are easier than others. I will never be one to say that one certain diet is best or easier. Each person’s metabolism is different and for some it is watching carbs. For some it is watching fat and calories. Find what works for you and go for it.

1. Get a journal and begin writing down every piece of food that you eat for the day. If you know that you have to write it down and will be seeing it in black and white you will be less likely to eat something that you shouldn’t. Also write down the weight loss. If you aren’t comfortable with writing your weight just write down the loss. 2 pounds lost. The next day if you have lost another pound write down 3 pounds lost.

2. Weigh daily. I know that some people say to only weigh once a week but weight can sneak up on you that way. By weighing daily you can also learn what size of portions you can eat without gaining.

Also, when I eat something that is high in sodium such as buffalo wings I will always weigh more the next day. The second day it is always back off so by keeping the journal and writing down what I ate and what I weighed each day I could see the trend for certain foods.

3. Spice things up. Just because you are dieting doesn’t mean you have to eat boring bland food. Add some spices. Try new recipes.

4. Get a walking buddy. If you have small children put them in the stroller and take them out. Point out birds and butterflies along the way to keep them entertained. If you have someone going along this journey with you it will be easier to keep on track.

Write the exercise in your journal too. This way if you see a stall you can look back and see what changed at the same time as the stall.

5. Drink lots of water. I have a rubbermaid bottle that doesn’t leak that I love. I bought mine at Dollar General but I have also seen them at Walgreens for less than $5. I carry that bottle with me all day long at work. Keep track of your water intake in your journal as well.

I think you have what it takes to do this. You have the desire. Most people who start to diet have false starts but they eventually are able to make the dedication. Don’t beat yourself up for failed attempts. This is a new day and you can start all over again. No one is looking and no one will judge you.


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  1. Excellent advise! You are very inspirational.

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