Caleb’s First Trip to the Farm

We have been telling Caleb about the farm for months now but he had never been there. For a little boy who has barely turned 3 it is a bit difficult for them to envision what we are talking about so we took him on Sunday to the farm. The road is only driveable for half of the road and we have to walk the rest of the way. He did very well until we got to a rocky portion and then Pawpaw had to carry him for a bit.

Once we got to the top he really seemed interested in walking around and looking at where we would be putting the house and the barn. Mike took him to different places and told him that his grandparents had lived there many years ago. Caleb asked a ton of questions. I loved just walking around and snapping pictures of Caleb when he wasn’t aware that I was doing it.  


He did willingly pose for one with pawpaw and then insisted on posing for one with me.

While going back down the road we all took turns being the leader. When Caleb had his turn I learned that I had been doing the leader wrong. He pointed out things along the way and made up stories to go with them.  When he saw a fallen tree hanging in the air between other trees his imagination turned it into a bridge and there were trolls living under it. I have to say he does a much better job of being the leader than I did.


I can’t wait to have the house built over there. Every time we go visit the farm it inspires us to work more on the house. Mike has been laying new tile in the dining room. It will take him about a week to get it done but it will be beautiful once it is. The sooner we get the repairs and remodeling done the sooner we can sell this one and get over there. ::sigh::: I am sure that I am boring everyone but I have this dream of being on the farm and walking through the woods with my family. It is so close to happening that I can barely sleep some nights.


6 responses to “Caleb’s First Trip to the Farm

  1. Bernadette B.

    I would be excited, too . Pretty soon your dreams will be a reality – then the really hard work begins, but also the joys.

    • I know having a farm will be hard physical work but I am looking forward to it. I can’t wait to care for the chickens and raise my own garden. Mike is increasing our farm animals almost weekly now. We went from chickens a calf to chickens, 2 calfs, 1 pig and a donkey. I see no reason for the donkey but he says they protect the other animals. Go figure. lol

  2. Love these pics – love your life!
    And by the way, I love your food.
    And your blog.

  3. First of all, Caleb is adorable!!
    Second, I can’t wait to see this all unfold for you!!
    Where/ what area or county is your farm?? It looks gorgeous!
    When I officially moved to WV 15 years ago I envisioned living on a large piece of land, maybe on top of a small mountain…but I live in a lovely neighborhood in the Cross Lanes area instead. Yet I can see it still as a possible “once the kids are grown” thing 🙂

    • First I apologize for taking so long to come back and answer. My husband cut his wrist at work and with my job and then helping him I seem to have gotten behind.

      We live in Cabell County and the farm is here also. It is only about a 6 minute drive from my current home.

      I think we are about in the same position that you are. We couldn’t swing it financially while the children were here but now that it is just the two of us we can easily pull this off. Well, maybe not easily but it is doable. haha

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