Homemade Vanilla Extract

I saw a recipe on Chickens in the Road for homemade vanilla extract. I made some yesterday but won’t be able to taste the results for at least 2 months. I made it exactly as she had written so be sure to check her recipe out.

Now can you imagine what it was like for me to go into a liquor store? Imagine this.  I cook with different wines but I don’t drink at all. My husband doesn’t drink at all. When people first meet me they automatically know by my personality that I am not partier. When I was getting out of my car I saw three men inside the liquor store laughing and talking. The minute that I walked through the door the men stopped talking and the store was deadly quiet. Not being familiar with items in the store I had to eventually ask where they kept the Vodka and Rum. Just my luck the vodka was on the first shelf and the rum was on the last shelf in the store.

I became very confused when it came to picking out the vodka. They had many different brands and some were very expensive and some were amazingly cheap. I decided that if I wanted my vanilla to taste like a good quality vanilla that I needed to at least go middle of the line price wise.

Next I went to the rum aisle. Oh my,  now it gets tricky. It seems EVERY region of the world have their own spin on what rum should be. Rum comes in all colors and hues of the rainbow. I had no idea which would be better for this as it only calls for a couple of Tablespoons. I decided to get Bacardi since I had seen it in a magazine before. hahaha

I had priced vanilla beans at the store and it was outrageous. They wanted $4.59 for one bean. I bought them online at Amazon for $6.29 for 16 beans. That is a huge difference. With shipping I spent $9.67. Not bad at all.

Now, I want to show you the savings that you will get from making it yourself. Over the weekend I bought a little 6 ounce bottle of Vanilla extract for almost $10.  This recipe calls for  750ml of Vodka. That comes out to 25.35 ounces of vanilla when it has cured for 2 months. It only calls for a couple Tablespoons of rum so I figure I used 20 cents worth of it.

  • Vodka- $7.49
  • Vanilla Beans- $7.25
  • Rum- 20 cents
  • Total= $

To have bought 25.35 ounces in the store I would have paid $42.25. That is a savings of $16.90. I am guessing it probably tastes better too.

This is what it looks like today. I will come back in a month and share another picture.


6 responses to “Homemade Vanilla Extract

  1. WOW – what a great idea!

  2. super walmart has the liquor too-so you can look there if you ever need any more!!! I would have been like you in a liquor store–a fish out of water!!

  3. Haha oh mom. I can so picture this.

  4. I recently found out that the more expensive vodka is filtered more times than the less expensive vodka. And that is the major difference between vodka’s, according to this person. And I just happened to have one of those water filter pitchers around so now I can filter my own vodka…and I could tell the difference, when I want to do fusion or homemade vanilla like this. Wow and that is a great price for vanilla beans.

  5. Linda McIntyre

    very interesting, will have to keep a watch on this. I don’t bake too much though so not sure if it is worth the hassle.

    • The vanilla turned out to be great. I will NEVER buy it from the store again. I use it in my muffins that I make each week as well as the cream cheese brownies and smoothies that I have been making lately. It also will make an excellent Christmas present to people that I know like to cook. 🙂

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