This weekend was so much fun. On Saturday I didn’t get Caleb until 2 so I spent the morning shopping for flowers for my flowerbeds in front of the house and weeding the flowerbed. I had the flowers planted already before he arrived but when Mike came home he was so pleasantly surprised that he jumped right in and we did even more.

He went to a local business and bought a truckload of black mulch. We spent hours shoveling the mulch and filling in the flowerbeds. Caleb loved every single second of it. He wanted to help with everything. We gave him his own little bucket and spade but he wanted to use the grown-up tools too.

Thank goodness his Mommy doesn’t mind him getting dirty. 🙂


He learned the names of all of the flowers and wanted to make sure that you can see that this rose is going to open to be a pink rose. 🙂 He even pointed it out for you. 😉

The day was wonderful and very productive. The weather was perfect for us and I enjoyed spending the day with my two guys. Caleb was such a big help and he was so happy to be here he even had me text his Mommy to thank her for bringing him to my house for the day. Life can’t get any better than that.

Tomorrow there will be a new recipe that I know you will enjoy!


2 responses to “Saturday

  1. Tell Caleb ‘thank you’ for pointing out the little lovely pink rose!! Your flowers look great! And Caleb looks so grown up!!! What a cutie!

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