My Weekly Menu For 5/29/2011

Wow what a wonderful crazy day. I have been spending the day with my wonderful husband remodeling this house. We are slowly getting it all done so that we can sell it. It seems as if it is never going to be completed, but it will. I just need to be patient. Perhaps God is trying to teach me something. What do you think? Hmmm?

I am off tomorrow. Yay!!! I am going to work on boxing all of my craft things so that I can put them into storage. This is going to be very difficult for me. I have been working on some of it today but need more space to spread out to get this done. I am working on getting things ready for a yardsale in 2 weeks. We are hoping to move everything that we want to sell to the dining room so that we can work on remodeling the bedrooms. The constant clutter is driving me crazy.

I love this weather. This week I am planning on using our grill more.  I have a couple of new recipes and a new low carb product to share with everyone this week. I took a lot of pictures that I want to share too. 🙂

This week we will have the following:

Sunday- leftovers of the new recipe using Italian Sausage. This is one of my new favorites.

Monday- Cheeseburgers with fresh grilled veggies.

Tuesday- left overs from Monday.

Wednesday- Blackened Chicken

Thursday- left overs of Blackened Chicken

Friday- sausage

Saturday- Grilled ham. I might make a new recipe out of this. hmmm..

This weeks vegetables will include:

  • Broccoli
  • cabbage
  • onions
  • red pepper
  • green pepper
  • mushrooms
  • black olives
  • green beans



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