Scenes From My Back Porch

I thought that I would share a few pictures taken from my back porch. Does anyone know the difference between a deck and a porch? Hmm?

This is Max. He wanted to be on the porch so badly but we had Caleb in the swing and he likes to stand directly behind the swing which isn’t a good thing. So he stood on the ground looking for permission to get on the porch.


Buford is a smart old dog. He likes to stay on the other end of the porch when Caleb is visiting. He won’t come near that swing.

Mike hired a local farmer to come and cut down the tree behind our fence. Normally he would have done it himself but since I am so highly allergic to poison ivy and that particular tree was covered in poison ivy he hired that job out. Luckily Crouch can roll in the stuff and never catches it. I am jealous.  While sitting on the porch I kept watching this one bird land on the stump.

I bought this birdbath/birdfeeder last week but the layout for this doesn’t work. The food falls into the water of the dish and it gets NASTY very fast. I plan to turn the bottom of it into a planter and continue to use the top as a birdfeeder.

I love this next birdfeeder. Mike has always complained about birdfeeders but for some reason this year he has agreed to them. Yay!!!

Mike and I love to sit on the porch and relax on our glider. Buford likes to relax on the porch too. He puts those long ears to good use blocking the sunlight.

In the next couple of weeks we will have a new porch which will be bigger. I am sure that Buford will love it just as much. Have you noticed that Daisy isn’t anywhere to be seen? She is a little princess and she prefers to take her naps on the living room couch where she has the luxury of air conditioning. 🙂


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