Yardsale Mirror

A couple of weeks ago Caleb went to yardsales with me. Now shopping with Caleb is an adventure all on its own but today was priceless. We came to this huge yardsale that had several family members all combining their items on the lawn to sell. Caleb made a beeline for the toys and was busy picking out figures from the Cars movie.

I found a mirror that I knew I could alter to fit my needs when all of a sudden Caleb was beside me looking into the mirror and said, “I see my nose.”  Well, the ladies all found him to be so cute that they let me have the mirror for only $3. They even stuffed his little pockets full of hotwheels. He was a happy little boy and I was a happy Grandma. 🙂

This was the before picture of the mirror. I love all of the flowers around the edges.

Mike helped me to remove the back and mirror and I took it outside to spray paint it with the rubbed bronze spray paint that I love.

I put the mirror back in it and Mike hung it on the wall in the dining room overlooking the diningroom table. I love this mirror.

Not bad for $3 huh? I love this mirror and can’t wait to see where it will hang in the new house. I am guessing it will end up in the master bedroom over the bed there. Time will tell.


5 responses to “Yardsale Mirror

  1. Awesome buy! It looks great!

  2. Love it! I LOVE yardsales and thrift stores. I am a Goodwill Junkie. I recently found 2 side chairs for my dinning room….$4.00 a piece!! Of course it needs some TLC….but we love them. Most of my everyday wear is from Goodwill. I always get compliments on my skirts….always.

    I’m actually putting some photos together to do a few post regarding my Goodwill finds! Should be fun 🙂

    • Oh I can’t wait to see them. I love a good yardsale. Our Goodwill isn’t very nice but I have been to other towns and visited theirs and was very jealous. 😛

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