Flatbread Wrap

As I mentioned earlier in the week I love this new flatbread. I made a fresh wrap last weekend while Caleb was here. He tried it and loved it too.

I placed the flatbread on a plate. I mixed mayonnaise and Frank’s Hot Sauce to taste. I like mine a bit spicy. This would also be good with Ranch Dressing and Frank’s Hot Sauce. Then I topped it with lettuce. I wished that I had chopped tomato to add but I was out. Then I layed fresh deli sliced turkey over and it and rolled it up.

I am having this for work too this week. Very simple and very filling. Once I add the tomato I am figuring this wrap to be 8 carbs.


2 responses to “Flatbread Wrap

  1. Cassandra Browning

    Hey that’s the same flatbread I buy and I actually bought some this morning. LOL!!!! I’m also gonna be making pizza with mine and also I’m gonna fix a london broil and slice it diagonally. Then I take the flat bread and grill it a bit just to crisp it up. Then I load it with my favorite veggies. I will be having these things this week.

    • Oh that sounds wonderful. And stop pretending. You are the nurse that told me about the flatbread you silly woman. I appreciate all of the suggestions you have given me. You and Peggy have me hooked on new foods. Thankfully they are all lowcarb. I need to go shopping tomorrow at Kroger for more of the flatbread. I couldn’t find them at Walmart. 😦

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