This and That

Do you remember Caleb pointing out the pink rose bud that was about to open? Well it turned out to be this beautiful rose.

I am enjoying my flowers this year. I think it is because I always worked a job that had me physically and emotionally drained and when I came home I plopped on the couch and didn’t get up. Now I am working a job that I love and come home at a decent hour and still have energy to enjoy life. Life is good.

This cute little toad is enjoying the bugs that surround this dog that lights up at night. The two are a matching pair. I love the little guy but Mike is afraid that if he ventures into the backyard that Max will eat him and make him very sick. He keeps taking him back to the creek but the next day the toad is back in the front yard. haha Toad 3, Man 0. hahaha

This is the dog that lights up green at night. It is solar powered and I love this guy. I found a frog that does the same thing at Big Lots and I might have to go back and get it. 🙂

Mike and I are trying our hands at Square Foot Gardening. We built these raised beds and placed them on the side of the house far enough away so that when the new siding goes up in a few weeks it won’t be a bother. I have planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, butternut squash, lettuce, spinach, basil, cilantro, oregano and eggplant. I planted all but the tomatoes from seed so time will tell if it will come up. I don’t generally have a green thumb so I have to learn this stuff now before we get onto the farm and go big. 🙂

Mike and I went to the local Milton HalfWay Market and I found this cute little shelf sitter that I just had to have. Isn’t he cute?

I think he goes well with the pictures that are on the opposite wall.

Well this is enough to bore you with today.  The home remodeling is coming along. I can’t get over how nice it is looking and then we will sell it and start all over again somewhere else. I am enjoying it but don’t tell Mike. 🙂

3 responses to “This and That

  1. Cute, cute, CUTE! You have such nice taste, and love the rooster shelf sitter! Always wanted to try square foot gardening, but this year we’re just doing a couple of upside-down containers, one for tomatoes and one for yellow summer squash.
    Your home is looking great, and you’re getting closer and closer to the country! 🙂

    • I tried the upside down tomato plants last year without success. I am really hopeful of these square foot gardens. My tomatoes and various type of squash are doing great. The herbs have come up but none of the pepper seeds have sprouted yet. All in all I am very pleased so far.

  2. My dad has had great success with Square Foot Gardening! It’s really awesome. We’d like to attempt it some day. This is the first year I’ve kept new plants alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Toads are *awesome*. They will eat and eat and eat the bugs. If they eat a lightning bug, they will light up too! You can make the area he hangs out in very toad friendly (maybe a toad house?) and then he won’t want to go where the dogs are. He is very cute. As is your light up dog.

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