Happy Birthday Samantha

I am interrupting our normal posting to wish my beautiful daughter a Happy Birthday.  It is hard to believe that she will be 27 this year. That makes me think that I am old and I am NOT old. I am also NOT short but she seems to think so. :p

Back to talking about her though. I am so proud of her. She has done amazing things and is so happy. She and her husband work in the ministry in Virginia. When she speaks of the youth in her church her entire face glows. She loves them with all of her heart and unconditionally. How many of us can say that we love others unconditionally? This is one of the enormous qualities that she possesses.

Another quality is her ability to listen and offer suggestions without passing judgements. Well, other than her wrong opinion that I am short, that is. :p I have gone to her so many times asking for her opinion. If I am wrong she tells me so and I love this about her. She provides a new way to explain things to me to make me a better person and I love this about her as well. I can see working with teens hs prepared her for dealing with her mother. hahaha

She is a beautiful person both inside and out. She married a man that she dearly loves and he loves her as well. I have no doubt that they will be one of the marriages that withstands time and difficulties. I am sure that they have their fair share of normal spats as all married people do but I can also see them discussing them in a Christianly way and caring about the other person’s feelings.

I see her with her nephew and new niece and I know that she will be an amazing mother some day. Yes, I do want more grandchildren and I tease her about it but I want her to become a mother when the time is right for her. She will be an amazing Mom. Did I already say that? Well it is true. I am sure that she will be reading books to her baby from the moment of conception.

She is not one to brag but I am her mother so I will.  She volunteers constantly and does mission trips every summer. Last year she came to McDowell County, WV and built ramps, porches and put in new flooring for people who were in need. McDowell County is the poorest county in the United States. Two years ago she went to New Orleans and helped rebuild homes and clean empty lots. This year she will be going back there.

While in Virginia she has helped to rebuild homes, put on roofs, cut lawns and did jobs that most people won’t do. Quite often she has youth in her area that are required to do community service due to a little run in with the law. She links them with seniors who need their lawns mowed or small repairs done around their homes. The seniors love being able to offer emotional support to the teens and form lasting friendships with the teens.

She and her husband work very long hours and love what they do. It is so rewarding to see her so happy despite missing her so deeply. While I wish she lived closer I can’t take her away from where she is so happy. She is being used by God in such a powerful way. Isn’t that all that a mother can ask for in such a special daughter? Happiness and doing God’s will. 🙂

Disclaimer- My opinion is TOTALLY biased. My talented son-in-law took the black and white photos. The wedding photos were done by a professional. The giraffe photo is the only one that I took. She told me once that she related well to giraffes because her legs are almost as long as theirs is. 🙂


One response to “Happy Birthday Samantha

  1. Well my gosh, i might love your daughter too! LOL Makes my heart happy to see your post. I miss My Mom so much. I am just as proud of my 2 DD’s as she was/is of me! The4re is nothing better than a Mother/Daughter relationship!
    Happy Birthday Samantha!

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