My Weekly Menu For 6/12/2011

Have you ever had a week that you had a suspicion that events would alter your life? Well this coming week is one of those weeks. Without going into any detail let me just say that I have to make a decision on something that will change my day-to-day life. This does not involve my husband so it is a decision that I must make alone. How am I going to react to someone else’s behavior? It has caused me to lose sleep over it all weekend. I have been waking at 4:30 each morning and can think of little else. I need peace on this matter and am praying for God’s guidance in this area.

Now for the menu. Mike had propane put back into the tank on the grill so I am back in business. I plan for all of our meals this week to be new ones. Yay!!! For breakfast I am having Cranberry Pecan Muffins. I made enough to freeze half so that is what I will have next week too. 🙂

For this weeks menu we will have the following:

Sunday- left over taco salad

Monday- new chicken recipe on the grill

Tuesday- left overs from Monday

Wednesday- New pork loin recipe.

Thursday- left overs from Wednesday

Friday- New pot roast recipe

Saturday- left overs from Friday

Vegetables to eat this week will be:

I have gone back to basics this weeks to get my glucose levels back down from where I have had the ear infection. I still have pain from this but hopefully not for too much longer. I can tell that I am getting a bit better each day. My levels never went over 100 yesterday. I had eggs and yogurt for breakfast, and a big salad for lunch and for dinner. I noticed that I am having cravings for sweets for some reason. I haven’t had that for some time now. I wonder if the glucose spike has something to do with my cravings. I plan to make a big bowl of sugar free jello this week to bring me through this.

What is on your low carb menu for the week?


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