My Weekly Menu For 6/19/2011

Last week was a rough one at work and I changed my menu to include recipes that I had before and were comfort foods for me. Therefore, I only had one new recipe to share with you. I hope to do better this week.

Yesterday I went to the local farm and bought my fresh eggs, sausage and a 3 pound roast. I have never bought roast from them before and it was expensive. I have it in the crock-pot right now with low carb veggies and wonderful spices. It is a new recipe that I will share this week if we like it.

I am getting very disappointed in the meat selections from the store. I need to find a better way to get healthier meat that isn’t as tough as my shoe. Not that I have ever chewed on my shoe but you get the point. The more that I read about chemicals and things being fed to the animals that are slaughtered for our table the more I want to be on my farm raising my own.

Last week I made a double batch of the Cranberry Pecan Muffins so I will have those this week for my breakfast along with a low carb yogurt. This morning I had low carb pancakes and fresh strawberries.

The liner for my crockpot arrived on Friday so I am excited and will be making my meals in it this week. Our meals will include the following.

Sunday- new pot roast recipe

Monday- new pot roast recipe

Tuesday- New Baby Back Rib recipe

Wednesday- left overs from Tuesday

Thursday- Sausage from the farm

Friday- New pork loin recipe in the crockpot

Saturday- left overs from Friday

Vegetables to eat this week will include the following:

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