Menu Planning 101

A co-worker has inspired me to dedicate a few days to discussing ways to menu plan so that you don’t waste food, you get an assortment and you don’t let food go to waste in the fridge. Hi Cassy.  🙂

One way I plan my meals is to make extra so that I always get at the very least 2 meals from it. Another way is to make my meat stretch even further than the 2 meals. For example.

On day one I would make a pot roast in the crock pot.  We would eat pot roast that night and then possibly pot roast a second night as well. Or you can make that one pot roast make 5 meals. Eat plain pot roast one night and then divide the left over pot roast in 2. Cut up the pot roast and freeze in separate containers.

The next week I would remove one of the containers from the freezer and toss the meat into a crock pot with fajita seasoning, onions, green and red peppers. Use low carb tortillas, cheese of choice, sour cream and enjoy. That would be enough to last 2 more nights.

The next week use the final container of beef and make a nice soup from it. The soup will get you another 2 meals from that. Therefore one roast has now been spread out over 5 nights.  It really cuts down on the cost of your meals, saves you time and you get a variety of food.  It also provided a way for you to get more vegetables into your diet.

Another tip is to post your menu on the refrigerator so that everyone (including yourself) knows what the plan is for the week. This will help you stay on track. You will know what is in the refrigerator and nothing will go bad.

When planning to use your left overs for a meal allow your family options. For instance. If you have left over cooked chicken you can ask your family if they would like King Ranch Chicken or Chicken with White Bean Soup. This gives them options without you having to make additional meat that you don’t already have on hand. It cuts down on your time in the kitchen and allows you stay low carb without giving up living your life. I can’t believe I am telling you to get out of the kitchen but GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!

Eating low carb doesn’t have to be a chore, expensive or boring. You can get a variety, stay in control of your food and LIVE.  I know that it seems as if I am cooking ALL the time but I really don’t. I will explain more throughout the week.


One response to “Menu Planning 101

  1. I find this *really* helpful! I like posting it where everyone can see and have input too. Thanks!

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