Hysterical Blog

I have to share a post with you of a blog that I just found yesterday. I laughed until I cried. I know people say that but I literally had to get a tissue. If bad language upsets you I don’t suggest you go to this blog but if you can overlook a few bad words check it out. I also would so love to have this chicken for my yard. I love love LOVE it.

Pick and Choose Your Battles.


6 responses to “Hysterical Blog

  1. I laughed so hard! I would totally do that!

    • I would do it too. I am really in love with this chicken. Pam actually texted me today a picture of this chicken. She found it in a store in Milwaukee but it is the full price of $300. I would definitely pay $100 for it but not $300. I would LOVE to have this chicken for my own yard. :::sigh::: Victor is one lucky dude. hahaha

  2. I have read your blog for a while and you are so helpful and so inspiring but I desperately needed a good laugh this morning and this chicken story made me day. Thank you so much!

    • Why am I so bad with the names of cities? I am so glad that you love me and overlook my confusions. haha

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