Square Foot Gardening

Do you recall when I posted on June 6th that I was trying Square Foot Gardening? Well let me give you an update. Things look a bit different than before.

Newly planted

3 weeks after

3 weeks after

I have really enjoyed this type of gardening and plan to do it again once we get onto the farm. There are virtually no weeds with this type of gardening. I am so impressed with how easy it is.


The tomato plants are huge and I have a lot of tomatoes forming already.


My herb garden is growing much slower. You can see my spinach in the front is small but that is because I have been cutting spinach off of the plant daily and making new recipes. I will be share them soon.

herb garden

I ended up with one basil plant out of the many seeds that I had planted. To be honest I really only need one but I would have liked to have grown 2. I have 3 cilantro plants and wish that they would grow quicker. The oregano is growing nicely. I only had one eggplant come up from the seeds that I planted. I planted about 20 pepper seeds and I believe that I have one pepper plant but am not sure it is a pepper plant. Time will tell if peppers actually form on it. haha

When I had empty squares in my garden I transplanted some of the many zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash into those squares. Squashes tend to grow for even the worst gardeners. I will be having a huge surplus of those soon and will need to get a food dryer to harvest them. I love to make zucchini muffins and will find many uses for them over the winter.

Well this is my little garden at my little house. I can’t wait to get on my farm. SIGH:::


5 responses to “Square Foot Gardening

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I have seen square foot gardening on TV and wanted to try it before, never have, will now! This year I can ask my husband to help me get a spot set up for the spring.
    This year I planted a tomato plant, and a yellow squash plant. Only the tomato plant survived…I’ve always killed houseplants just by looking at them, so no surprise I guess :).
    (I have a spare Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator that I will be putting up on eBay soon…just sayin’…)

    • Oh that is tempting. I found a new recipe yesterday for zucchini that I am obsessing out. I made it for dinner and we LOVED it. Caleb ate half of a zucchini himself. I must pace myself and dehydrate some for winter too. haha

  2. looks great!!

  3. Makes me wish for a house!
    Or a container!

  4. Your garden looks wonderful! I too started my first raised bed this year 8×4 maybe. Next year I am going BIGGER 🙂

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