The Hounds and Snakes

The hounds love to lounge on the back porch and watch the squirrels in the woods behind the fence. Mike does an excellent job of keeping the woods back and weeds cut down so that we don’t have a snake problem but this year has been unusual regarding snakes. While mowing the lawn he killed a snake in the backyard. It was only a little brown water snake but we can’t have those around the hounds. They still bite and they would still make them sick.

Mike had hired a man a few weeks ago to cut down a tree in my front yard and while he was here he said he saw a copperhead go under an old tree stump on the bank of the creek. Upon further inspection last week Mike found that there was a den of copperheads under this stump. So what is a man to do? He poured gasoline on the old stump and torched them. We have too many children in the neighborhood that like to ride their bikes through the creek just about 10 feet from the stump. I wish that I had taken a picture of the stump on fire but this is the after picture.

For those who think we should have humanely moved the snakes let me just say that in WV that isn’t an option. These snakes needed to go and immediately. This is what we were protecting.


One response to “The Hounds and Snakes

  1. Agree, totally!

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