My Weekly Menu For 7/10/2011

Mike and I made a run to Walmart for meat yesterday. I am so tired of looking for quality meat in our area. I can get ground beef and sausage from a local farm and occasionally they have roasts to buy as well but not often.  Everything else comes from Walmart. We don’t care for the quality of meat from Krogers and Foodland. Aldi’s is too far away now to make it worth it for us to go there.  I am just stuck looking for good quality meat.

My menu this week is going to consist of old standby’s. For breakfast I am making chocolate chocolate chip muffins. I love these and they are so high in protein that they really help me to make it through the day and keep me satisfied until lunch rolls around.

For our dinners this is what we will be having.

Sunday- Steaks on the grill with grilled zucchini (recipe to come) and sautéed garlic mushrooms.

Monday- roasted hen and stuffing.

Tuesday- left overs from Monday

Wednesday- Pot roast

Thursday- Leftovers from Wednesday

Friday- Sausage from the local farm

Saturday- another dish made from leftover chicken from the roasted hen. Fresh veggies to go with it.

My garden is busting at the seams now. For this week we will have the following.

  • zucchini
  • squash
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • green beans
  • mushrooms

So what are you  having for dinner this week that is low carb?


2 responses to “My Weekly Menu For 7/10/2011

  1. So what are you having for dinner this week that is low carb?

    Lots of stir fry and shish-ka-bobs. : ) Our garden is bursting too, and I’ve cooked zucchini until I’m almost tired of it. What a blessing to have! I don’t want to heat up the kitchen. Katie

    • This sounds wonderful. My zucchini will be coming in like gangbusters this week. I need to find a lot of ways to use it. I see zucchini breads and cake recipes coming soon. How are you cooking your zucchini that is low carb?

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