This past week I was speaking with an amazing woman who is 72 years young and she blew me away. She is so positive and nothing and I do mean nothing gets in her way or gets her down. She lost her husband last year but knows that she will see him again and that she has a purpose on this earth during the time that they will be apart.

She was telling me that her legs have been swelling for the last couple of years and she now has to wear Birkenstocks.  But she continues to get up and walk several miles every day. Isn’t that amazing? She always has a smile on her face and said that even though she could sit down and complain that it wouldn’t serve a purpose and that she knows that she isn’t ready to sit down yet. 🙂

How many of us are nowhere near her age and have already sat down and given up? How many of us complain daily instead of uplifting the good in our lives? I for one plan to use this woman as an inspiration to GET UP!!

This picture that I found on pinterest reminds me of her and what we can all accomplish if we just GET UP!

Direct Link

I am not ready to give up on life. There is so much to do and people to help in this world. Who else plans to get up and serve a purpose?


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