Caleb and Alabama

This past week we had the county fair and Caleb was in the goat show with Alabama. Alabama loves Caleb so much that he cries for him if he gets more than 5 feet away from him. They are so cute together. The rules for being in the goat show is that the kids have to wear cowboy boots. Caleb had a big booboo on his heel and cried anytime they stood him up. This is him cuddling with his mommy because his heel hurt him.

He is such a handsome boy. In this group all of the kids come in first place and get the same trophy. Caleb was very proud of his trophy.


After the goat show Mike and I took Caleb throughout the fair and we rode on rides and sat on the grass and watched the bull races. He had already seen these races earlier in the week so he was going into great detail telling us what was about to happen.

The heat was so bad this week that we couldn’t stay out at the fair for long. We ended up going to a local restaurant where Caleb fell asleep in the booth and we carried him home. The little boy had a wonderful week at the fair but had his first real loss in his life. His dog Zoey died this week.

He told me on Saturday that Zoey went really high up in the sky all the way to doggie Heaven. I was floored. No one had warned me that Zoey had died. I wanted to cry for him so I did what all grandmothers do and I scooped him up and drove him to Toys R Us. Looking back I maybe should have done something different but that is how I dealt with it. Perhaps next time him Mommy and Daddy should warn me ahead of time that his dog has died. HMMM???

I know that now that he lives on a farm and has farm animals and we are about to move onto a farm and get farm animals that death is a part of life. I just wish that he didn’t have to learn so young about it. 😦


2 responses to “Caleb and Alabama

  1. One of my favorite posts EVER about Caleb! I could feel your consternation as you were unprepared for news of Zoey’s death, and completely understood the “default to Toys R Us mode”! But I just loved seeing him with his beloved Alabama! (I’ve had wethers in the past as pets and they are just amazing!!) Great Monday morning read that put a smile on my face :).

  2. I don’t know how I’ll handle Julius witnessing his first “loss.” I fear it’s going to be harder for me to watch him than it is for him to go through it! Julius becomes very attached to his ‘things’. God forbide we left any toys behind in the apt when we moved! I am guilty also of defaulting to “Toys R Us” mode! 🙂

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