Kind Gesture

Yesterday while at work a car from a funeral home came to the nursing home where I was working and donated several beautiful flower baskets to the residents. I found this to be a very kind gesture. The family of the person that had died asked the funeral home to take the flowers to any nursing home in the area to brighten someone’s day. The funeral home had removed any banners or tags that would make them appear to have come from a funeral.

As I took the flowers to the different resident’s room their faces lit up immediately. This was such a kind gesture that I plan to make to arrange for the flowers from my own funeral to be donated to a nursing home for the residents. 🙂


One response to “Kind Gesture

  1. Our church has had ladies who took the alter arrangement and made small arrangements to take to shut-ins each Monday, but I never would have thought that the same could be done with funeral flowers! What a wonderful way to show love. I wish I had done this with the flowers from my parents funerals rather than see them wither on their graves. I am definitely going to write this down as my wish…..

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