I Met Pam!!!

Many years ago. Say about 2003- 2004 I met a wonderful woman online and we have become very good friends. We speak on the phone often and chat online but never had the opportunity to meet in person until this past weekend. When she told me that she was planning to visit family in Ohio I knew this would be our only chance to finally meet.

Mike and I went to the Amish country in Ohio for the weekend and we spent all day Saturday with Pam and her family. Her husband is the sweetest man and most amazing father.  Their sons are just precious and so mannerly. No matter where we hauled them to or how many flea markets and stores we went to they never complained once.  This is a picture of us outside of the Amish restaurant in Sugarcreek Ohio.

I loved getting to meet them. My husband was even commenting on how sweet the children were. E is the sweetest young man and very passionate when he tells you a story of something important to him. It really brought back amazing memories of when my son was a child. He was the same way. Q is so precious. He is so loving and willing to share. I have never seen brothers get along as well as these two do. When E finished his drink at the restaurant Q offered to share his. How precious is that?

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet Pam and her family in person. She has done an amazing job in raising her children and choosing a husband. When Jer smiles his entire face lights up and he is a very gentle guiding father. I have so many friends that I worry about in their relationships but I don’t worry about Pam and Jer. They seem made for each other.

I love you Pam. 🙂


One response to “I Met Pam!!!

  1. Aw, I just saw this!!! It was amazing to meet you and Mike. E really really likes Mike! I am hoping we will be able to spend more time together in the future, it was such a good day.

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