My Weekly Menu For 8/14/2011

I have had a wonderful weekend despite having my first cold in years. Samantha and Ben arrived Friday evening. Caleb came and spent the night with me too. He was inseparable from Samantha unless it was time to go to bed. He has to sleep with Mawmaw. 🙂

Saturday morning we went to Charleston to my mother’s home and had brunch. We had four generations around the table. Mom made biscuits and I made frittatas and had fresh fruit for everyone. Caleb was such a big boy at the table. He loves to go visit there and play with Pawpaw Bill.

I had put a large pot roast in the crockpot before I left that morning for us to have for dinner Saturday evening but I accidentally set it for the wrong temp and when dinner came around the roast was nowhere near ready to eat. We made do though and it was more about being together as a family. My daughter-in-law, Kristin and I went out and picked up food from a restaurant. haha We came back to the house and ate and played “The Game of Things”. It was a lot of fun.

I tell you this story to explain why we will be having pot roast so many different ways this week. haha That is one HUGE pot roast that Mike and I have to eat. haha

For breakfast this week I am having frittatas and low carb yogurt.

For lunch I will be taking pot roast sandwiches, pot roast wraps, pot roast etc… fresh veggies and a new recipe for cookies that I will share later this week. 🙂

For dinner we will have the following.

Sunday- left over pot roast

Monday- Wraps with pot roast

Tuesday- Ranchero Onion Burgers

Wednesday- left over Ranchero Onion Burgers

Thursday- Blackened Chicken

Friday- left over Blackened Chicken

Saturday- Sausage from a local farm.


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