My Trip to Ohio

Two weeks ago I went to Ohio to meet my friend Pam and on the way home Mike and I stopped at every antique mall that we could find. Last fall I had found this relish tray and I wanted to find another one.

It looked so cute at Halloween last year when I took it to a party that my daughter-in-law had at her grandparents farm.

Well, I have looked high and low and finally found one in Parkersburg, WV at The Antique Mall. I loved looking through this store. It was very hot in their store but their prices are very good and it was worth the time to rummage through all of the many booths.

We went further down the street to another antique store and I found these beauties. This was a tray that used to hold glasses and I thought it would be very cute to put decorated cupcakes on or low carb muffins for a brunch.

I also found this pretty green dish. It is very heavy and has 3 sections in it. It goes well with the relish tray above.

While in Marietta, Ohio we found a flea market that is both inside and outside. It is called RinkyDink Flea Market. We loved this place and plan to visit it again. I found this green dish at one of the vendors that were set up outside.

While I was with Pam on Saturday I found a small store with beautiful items for the kitchen. I bought this dip container. It has a place to keep ice in the bottom to keep the dip cold while serving and has a lid to keep it from drying out. I loved this color of red.


I read on a blog recently that you tend to use your pretty dishes more if you have them on display and that they don’t really gather dust as you would assume that they do. I will let you know how that works. Around here we have to dust almost daily. I am not sure exactly why but it is unbearable. I told Mike my theory is that it is because we live on a gravel road.  I can’t wait until we get on the farm and away from this gravel road. Of course we will have gravel there but we will be the only ones driving on it so it should cut down on it some.


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