Life Changes

I have had several life changes in the past few months that I have not shared on the blog. Lets be honest here. We always want people to see the best of us. We don’t want to show frailty or weakness or struggles. I have been struggling. A few months ago I asked God for direction and he did provide an answer but I didn’t listen. I allowed someone with a charismatic personality to make me doubt that what God was telling me was accurate.

It is so amazing that even when we disobey God, that he still does a work in us and protects us from ourselves. Despite taking the wrong path, God put wonderful people in my life to protect me from myself and others. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and do what we know is right even when we don’t see how we are going to survive. That is what happened with me. I had to leave my place of employment without knowing where I would go or how long I would be without employment.

God immediately provided a job for me to work until I found a permanent job and he put wonderful people in my life to help me to find a job where God wanted me to be. I have learned so much within the past few months. I have learned that God is always there for me even though I am not worthy. He loves me unconditionally despite my weakness and stubborness.

I pulled away from the blog a bit while I sorted things out in my own head. I know that many of you have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much or sharing many new recipes. That is because through it all I needed the comfort of a routine and leaned on old recipes that I had made before.  I took a much needed break to spend time with God and my family.

Mike and I are doing great. He has been my rock through it all. My daughter Samantha has provided me guidance along the way and kept reminding me to have faith and to let go. I am a type A personality and letting go and allowing God to have complete control in my life was difficult to do. But that is exactly what I had to do to get out of the situation that I had put myself into.

I am now waking up smiling and feel the joy that only can come from my God. I have never felt closer in my life to Him! I have a renewed excitement about life and where I am being taken. I am excited about the blog again and have several ideas for the blog to offer support and guidance to others who want to get healthier and take control of their lives.

God is good and I need to always remember that if I listen to him that he will provide guidance. So I am back! I appreciate your fellowship on the blog. I know that I will lose followers with this post because everytime I mention my faith people unsubscribe from my blog but I feel that I needed to do this. Perhaps someone else is struggling and afraid to take that leap of faith and the unknown. You are NEVER alone. God is with you and will take care of you. So lets get healthy and support each other. 🙂


3 responses to “Life Changes

  1. May God bless you in every way. Thank you for this post.

  2. What a wonderful posting! I look at your blog daily and was disappointed in the lack of posts but knew that you had something going on. I’m glad you and God have worked through things, He is wonderfully faithful to us – even when we are lacking. You are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing

  3. I couldn’t have put it better than okbarb did, but I wanted to write anyway and say that I’m thrilled to read of your growth in, and closeness to, Him – and the direction He’s taking you, whatever that might be :).

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