Buford Is My Sweetie

Buford is my 15-year-old Basset Hound. Isn’t he handsome?

There is nothing Buford likes to do more than to sleep on the back porch. He gave up chasing squirrels a few years ago when his cataracts kept him from seeing the squirrels.

Buford has always slept on the couch until a few months ago. He started not being able to get his back legs on the couch and he would get his front paws up and then wait for Mike to lift the back of him up. Then after a couple of months he stopped that all together. We knew that he was getting older and that things would be changing for him.

This morning he couldn’t walk on his back legs. We had a muscle relaxer from a small injury he had a couple of years ago so we gave it to him and took him to the Emergency Animal Hospital. He was such a sweetheart there. He got all of the employees to love on him. They said they haven’t seen a Basset Hound this old in a very long time.

He was placed on 2 prescriptions. One is for muscle relaxation and the other is for swelling in his joints to relieve his pain. I am not sure how much longer we will be able to have Buford with us but for now I am cherishing every day as a gift.

To read about Buford’s life you can go to the following link.




One response to “Buford Is My Sweetie

  1. Buford looks like such a sweetie, Its so hard to watch a loving fiend
    age, give him a kiss from all your friends

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