Caleb’s Rooster

I had Caleb this past weekend and he had a new story to tell me. He and his daddy are raising chickens and have been getting eggs for about a month now. They had bought Caleb 5 for Easter and Stephen fell in love with them and bought several more. I think they are up to 15 hens now. Well apparently they got a new rooster too because this is what Caleb told me.

Caleb: We got a new rooster and 2 black hens.

Me: You did. What is your rooster’s name?

Caleb: He don’t have a name. He don’t lay babies and he don’t lay eggs either. He just keeps hopping on the chickens. I don’t know why he does that. Why does he hop on the chickens?

Me: I don’t know. Perhaps they are playing.

Caleb: No they don’t look like they are playing to me. The chickens get mad.



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