Samantha Builds a Deck

My daughter lives in Virginia and I am so very proud of her. She and her husband work in the ministry and they give to others throughout the year volunteering all over the US.  They have gone to New Orleans twice to help rebuild and took van loads of teenagers with them. They came to WV last year and spent a week working in Panther, WV. That is in McDowell County, WV and it is the poorest county in the United States.

While in WV, they built ramps, put in new floors, roofs, windows and helped people install indoor plumbing in their homes. They offered so much ministry work to both the homeowners and the teenagers that they brought with them. While in Virginia, she routinely takes the teenagers on volunteer projects. They have turned unlivable property into beautiful homes.

Mike and I love to go to her home each year and give back to them for everything that they have done for others all year-long.  The last couple of weeks have been very stressful for this old mom. I received a text message from Samantha’s wonderful husband, Ben that read, “We just had a 5.9 earthquake. The entire house shook for 45 seconds.” No mother wants to know that their children are in this. Then Hurricane Irene decided to pay her a visit too. I begged and I do mean begged her to come to WV but she stayed and opened her home to others.

Last weekend Mike and I went to visit her to both see how she was doing and make sure her home was still standing. We were prepared to build a deck for her before we got there but quickly realized that our little princess could easily do it all by herself. Just take a look at this.

Through it all she smiled.

Well, most of the time she smiled. There were two occasions that she didn’t smile. She actually screamed and ran like a little girl. I was shocked and couldn’t stop laughing at her. She called me evil, vile, mentally deranged and a few other names. What caused her to mentally snap you ask? We found two of these. Do you know what they are?

They are black widow spiders. One of them was protecting a nice big egg sac. She was horrified and couldn’t believe that I was standing so close to get a good picture. Her daddy killed it for her but not before we all stood there and laughed at her. 🙂

Now surely you don’t think we actually let her build the entire deck herself. Check these pictures out.

Where was I you ask? I was mainly being the gofer and handing them things, carrying wood and lots of cooking. I did learn a few things about myself. I can hammer a nail but some of them are crooked. Samantha said being married to Mike has made me soft because he can do it all himself. I can live with that. 🙂

I also learned what poison ivy and poison oak looked like.

I learned that Samantha’s cat loves bacon and if given the opportunity he will take it directly from the plate. She always thinks that he is too fat to get on the furniture. She was very wrong. haha

I also learned that when you are doing very strenuous labor that you need to consume more calories. I ate my normal amount of food and each day Samantha would take me aside and tell me she had noticed that I was crashing.  Not sure how she was able to notice it so quickly when I hadn’t noticed yet. Sure enough within a few minutes I was getting light-headed and had to eat.

I apologize for writing so much today but I had a wonderful weekend even though our clothes were so filthy that we couldn’t even put them in the luggage to come home. haha If you are still reading I truly appreciate your giving me time to share and brag on my children.


4 responses to “Samantha Builds a Deck

  1. Just getting a chance to really look at this. Haha Love it! And stop feeding my cats!!!!!! 😛

  2. Haha!!!! I love the cat. Hope you are feeling better too. Samantha, your deck looks gorgeous!!

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