Glucose Levels and Prednisone

Can you believe that I have poison ivy AGAIN? I swear I only have to see it on the television and I can get it.  Last weekend when we went to Virginia to check on Samantha there was poison ivy and poison oak everywhere. I am not sure which I actually have but I have it. EVERYWHERE!

I went to the ever pleasant doctor at Urgent Care (insert eyeroll here) because my wonderful doctor was out of town at a conference.  He put me on prednisone which is what my own doctor would have given me and now I am struggling with high glucose levels. I understand that this is only for 5 days and then I will be back to normal (what is normal?) but for now I am testing even more than usual.

My highest today was 168 but I have learned that if I take to exercising as soon as I eat I can keep it down to 140. Tomorrow I will cut back on carbs a bit more and see if that helps too. I think it will and if I can keep my levels down to 125 I will be happy.  When I am not on steroids my levels seldom go over 110 and usually stay around 100 or below.

I did some searching online about Prednisone and glucose levels and this is what I found.

Web MD

This medication may infrequently make your blood sugar level rise, which can cause or worsen diabetes. Tell your doctor right away if you develop symptoms of high blood sugar, such as increased thirst and urination. If you already have diabetes, be sure to check your blood sugars regularly. Your doctor may need to adjust your diabetes medication, exercise program, or diet.

This is what made me think that I needed to modify the diet and add extra exercise. I will let you know what works later this week.

Diabetes Forecast

Steroid treatment is usually prescribed for short periods of time, and your blood glucose should return to pre-treatment levels a few days after the steroid is stopped.

Yay!! I should go back to normal once the steroids are over. I can do this. I can do this.  Once again, what is normal? 😛

I will also be cutting back on food so as not to gain weight which is very common when taking Prednisone. The dosage is for 5 days and as each day progresses I will be slowly tapering off of it so each day the glucose level should be naturally coming down. This is what happened last time I had poison ivy. ::sigh:: I wish it were like Chicken Pox and if you have it once you can never get it again. Wouldn’t that be nice?


2 responses to “Glucose Levels and Prednisone

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to pass something along to you in case you didn’t know about it. Jewelweed soap is supposed to help get rid of poison ivy/oak/sumac without it spreading and itching, etc. I get poison something alot (I have never gotten it by actually touching the plant – it’s in the air). Anyway I recently ordered some Jewelweed soap after hearing about it and looking it up online. When you use regular soap, it allows the liquid part to get into your skin, which allows it to spread. The Jewelweed soap is supposed to completely get rid of the liquid. Anyway just wanted to pass it along to you. (By the way, since I’ve received the soap, of course I haven’t gotten any poison ivy – lol). Cindy

    • I have never heard of jewelweed soap. I will need to google this. My poison ivy is almost gone. I only have a small spot on one knee and hope to get rid of it this week. But since this is the third time this year that I have had poison ivy I know I should get the soap for next time. There is ALWAYS a next time. Thanks for the information. 🙂

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