Prednisone Update and Thanks Dr. Robie

I have learned so much about Prednisone this week. Yesterday I cut back seriously on my food and my highest level was still 180.  I am taking the prednisone each morning and my fasting level is normal. I wonder if I would have less of a spike in my glucose if I take it at night instead of morning. My levels seem to peak around noon and then what I have for dinner doesn’t cause my glucose levels to rise much.

Yesterday I had twittered that I had 20 new spots of poison ivy. Thanks to Dr. Robie, who twittered me right back that I had to be getting it off of something that I had failed to wash. He said you only get it from the oil of the plant. I knew that you could only get it from the oil but I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so MANY new areas daily.

After receiving his twitter I stopped to think about how I could be getting oils on me. We had our clothing in garbage bags and Mike carried them straight into the house and dumped them in the washer the minute that we got home on Monday.  I realized that I didn’t wash my sneakers. Each evening Mike and I were walking and I was reinfecting myself again from the shoes. Thanks Dr. Robie! They are currently in the washer along with the sheets from the bed. After walking I had sat on the bed reading and was wearing the same socks that I had worn to walk in. So the sheets are getting washed as a precaution.

Someone had recommended lye soap for poison ivy so last night after realizing the sheets had to be removed I changed all of my clothes and scrubbed my legs with lye soap. By this morning my legs look wonderful. No new spots and what I had is drying up. Now I have to get my glucose levels down to normal.

I am cutting way back on food because Prednisone usually causes weight gain too. This morning I was up 2 pounds despite cutting back on the food. I will have to be strict next week once the prednisone is over with. I am considering running too. Dr. Robie had suggested it awhile back and I told him he was crazy. hahaha Now I actually want to run but hope to get Mike to consider doing it with me. I hope my sneakers survive the wash so that I don’t have to buy new ones. Oh well! An excuse to SHOP. Those who know me know that I really don’t have to have a reason to SHOP. hahaha Retail therapy is wonderful!! 🙂


2 responses to “Prednisone Update and Thanks Dr. Robie

  1. You are so cute. I’m glad you are feeling better, my precious friend.

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