Low Carb Lunch Box Idea #26

I haven’t shared a lunch box idea for a while.  Through wordpress I can see which topics people are the most interested in and these posts get hit on multiple times each day so I am going to periodically add these as suggestions of encouragement for those who are struggling with what to take to work.

This is what I took to work with me this week.

  • Joe’s Special- 6 carbs
  • Low Carb Yogurt- 4 carbs
  • Banana Nut Muffin- new recipe that will be in the cookbook- 4.5 carbs

Total of 14.5 carbs. I could still add a small side salad to this and be under 20 carbs but I know that I will be full with this.


2 responses to “Low Carb Lunch Box Idea #26

  1. I have been wanting to try a low carb diet and your recipes and meal ideas have really inspired me! I pack my lunch every day and I just love your lunch ideas/pics. Can you tell me about how many carbs you eat each day? And, when you first started out, did you limit yourself to less carbs per day?

    • I am sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I have been having computer problems. I highly recommend reading Dr Bernstein’s Complete Diabetic Solution book. It will give you some great guidelines on how to adapt his plan to fit your metabolism. For me I have 50 carbs per day and never more than 20 in a meal to lose weight. To maintain I can have almost 70 carbs but I still never have more than 20 in a meal. I just add snacks to it throughout the day. I hope this helps.

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