Diabetes and Exercise

I was doing some research last night about jogging and Diabetes and trying to figure out when is best to run. Such as in the morning before breakfast or in the evening after dinner. I was debating because if I ran in the morning what if my blood glucose dropped from not having eaten for so long. But if I ran in the evening after I had eaten would it be harder on my body since I would be carrying around all of that nice healthy dinner? Exactly when is the best time to run if you are a Diabetic. If you are a Diabetic and you exercise regularly please share when you run and how it relates to when you have eaten last.

While looking online I found some interesting information. The title of this  article claims Diabetics who engage in regular physical exercise are one-third less like to die, research shows.  HMMM I had to read more. So if we exercise we will NEVER die? Fortunately the article explains further.

Here’s good news for diabetics: new research shows that moderate exercise, such as walking, cycling, or jogging, can significantly reduce the risk of death for people with Type 2 diabetes. This study followed over 3,300 people and correlated their level of physical exercise with mortality to find that moderate exercise reduced the chance of cardiovascular death by 9%, and more vigorous exercise reduced the total chance of death by 33%.
This article goes further to claim that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed if you permanently change your lifestyle and eat make a few basic alterations to your food choices and add exercise to your daily schedule.
What? You didn’t want to hear that you are to blame for your having Diabetes? Well, I am sorry but it is the cold hard fact that I was completely responsible for becoming a Diabetic. I loved to eat refined carbohydrates, had practically no exercise at all and didn’t realize that the depression that I was experiencing daily was my own fault. It has been years since I have felt depression. Could that be because I feel so much better? Probably. It is amazing when you get one area of your life in check how the rest naturally fall in as well.
I still needed to get the answers for when is the best time to jog so I continued surfing the web and found an article on livestrong that states increasing your exercise reduces your risk of developing serious diseases, like nerve damage and heart disease.  This article goes into great detail of how important it is to test your glucose prior to exercising and while exercising to maintain safe glucose levels.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar

To exercise safely when you have diabetes, monitor and track your blood sugar levels. Check your blood sugar about 30 minutes before you exercise and then immediately before exercising. If your blood sugar is between 100 and 250 mg/dL, you’re OK to exercise. If your blood sugar is below 100 mg/dL, eat a small snack and check your blood sugar again before jogging. If your blood sugar is above 250 mg/dL, talk to your doctor before you jog. Bring snacks, water and sports drinks with you to keep your blood sugar stable while you’re exercising.

This article from the Diabetes Education and Research Center Philadelphia explains that aerobic exercise such as jogging helps to get rid of belly fat which puts stress on the heart.

“When it comes to increased health risks, where fat is deposited in the body is more important than how much fat you have.”

“Resistance training is great for improving strength and increasing lean body mass. But if you are overweight, which two-thirds of the population is, and you want to lose belly fat, aerobic exercise is the better choice because it burns more calories.”

“What really counts is how much exercise you do, how many miles you walk, and how many calories you burn. If you choose to work at a lower aerobic intensity, it will simply take longer to burn the same amount of unhealthy fat.”

So are you convinced to get moving? HMMM? I know. I don’t blame you. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon about jogging when my doctor recommended it last year. Now I am ready to add more into my life. I didn’t want to do it alone so I found a friend that lives close by and we plan to start walking together and build up to jogging.  I am sure we will look quite funny walking and then jogging and walking and then jogging.  But at least we are going to move and that will lead to better health. Which is what we all need.

Now here comes the disclaimer. I am not a doctor and I am not an expert. Please consult with your physician before beginning a strenuous exercise program.


6 responses to “Diabetes and Exercise

  1. I had to chuckle because one of my pet peeves is when articles or reporters claim that something will reduce our risk of death :). Since we all have a 100% “risk of death” (in the world’s definition, John 8:51 notwithstanding) these really crack me up…
    Anyway, on with exercise and diabetes…:)

  2. The best time to exercise – when you will do it.

  3. Exercise is the key! When it was too hot to walk my endo dr told me to get a resprator, *Bought it from Kinetic Med Eq, they use them in physical therapy) a device like a mini bicycle that you can set on a table, work your arms, or sit in the floor and pedal, it will get your heart rate up and circulate blood through the body and into the brain. great if I cannot walk, now that it is cooler I’m walking 30 minutes a day.

    • That is a great idea Gail. I have seen those in the therapy department where I work. I will have to look into that for this winter. Since losing the weight I freeze constantly. This would allow me to continue with my exercise. 🙂

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