My Weekly Menu For 9/18/2011

I am going strong this week. I gained 3 pounds last week with the prednisone. The poison ivy looks much better now. Thank you for all of the prayers that I am sure that I received this week. I have been walking each day and am down 1 pound so far.  I am serious about taking up jogging. I bought some cute sweat pants today. I don’t wear sweats as rule because they are bulky and never fit correctly. However, I found some nice Cathy Daniels petite pants that are so comfortable and actually give you a shape instead of what most sweats do.

This week I am trying 5 new recipes. For breakfast I am having two of the banana nut muffins that will be in the upcoming cookbook. I will also have a low carb yogurt.

For lunch I am making a Grilled Beef Salad with the Asian Red Pepper Salad Dressing. I will share this recipe soon if I like it. I am trying to really cut back and get these 2 pounds back off.

For dinner we will have the following:

Sunday- Pork Tenderloin with Sherry Mushroom Sauce- new recipe

Monday- Left overs from Sunday

Tuesday- Spiced Beef Tomatoes and Beans- new recipe.

Wednesday- left overs from Tuesday

Thursday- Sausage

Friday- Basque Chicken with Peppers- new recipe

Saturday- left overs from Friday

Vegetables for this week include:

  • cauliflower new recipe
  • green, red and yellow peppers
  • green beans
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • zucchini
  • squash
  • mushrooms

I am going to try to create a new pie and a new ice cream recipe this week. Wish me luck. If they work they will go in the new cookbook.  I do have 3 new recipes that will be on the blog this week.


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