Should You Get a PSA?

On this blog we have discussed Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Leukemia and a myriad of other medical conditions. I realized today that most of my information has been geared toward the women who follow my blog. I know that I have at least one guy that reads the blog. Hello TNT Man! :::Waving:::

OK TNT Man may be sending me a private email asking me to please not put his name in a post about getting your prostate checked but I gotta protect my one male reader from possibly not getting checked for possible cancer. 🙂

Since I am not a male and don’t want to pretend to be an expert on the subject of Prostate Cancer or Exams I provide a link to my own doctor’s blog which is providing the medical advice for you.

Nitro Primary Care- Click here to read about Prostate Exams and what your actual risks are for getting it. Ladies you might want to read up on it too so that you can encourage your husband’s to get theirs checked. Just like with most other cancers if you can catch it early it is very treatable.


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