Why I Buy My Beef From A Local Farmer

Some people think that I am crazy or just eccentric to say the least. I prefer to be called quirky. 🙂 Anyhow, when I decided to make myself healthier all around I did a bit of research on what I was actually putting into my body.  Back in the 60s women were quite often given a hormone drug called DES to prevent miscarriages. My mother was one of these women who took this drug while pregnant with me. She had no idea that she was giving me something dangerous. At that time she thought she thought that she was preventing a miscarriage. Years later doctors realized that babies born that had been exposed to DES were developing Vaginal and Ovarian Cancer. I get regular check ups and so far I have been fine. I did have two very difficult pregnancies as a result of the DES exposure however.

Now we Americans are being given hormones and most of us don’t even realize that we are willingly digesting them on a daily basis. In the United States it is perfectly legal for the cattle industry to give their animals hormones in order to make them mature at a faster rate and produce more milk. In European countries they have already banned the use of hormones being given to their animals because it has been shown to cause early puberty in little girls and increase the risk of developing cancer.

Why is the United States refusing to remove the use of hormones being given to our animals? I wish that I knew. While doing research on this subject I came across many websites that discussed the dangers of the hormones. Here is one that I highly recommend that you read.

Food Storage Warehouse- Serving Foods With A Side Of Growth Hormones

This quote from their website caught my attention.

Arguments Against Growth Hormones
  • It is unhealthy for the animal.The label used to package the hormone injected into dairy cattle lists nearly two dozen side effects that can pose risks to the animal. Among the list is mastitis, a painful bacterial infection in the cow’s udder.
  • Dairy cow growth hormones are linked to cancer in humans. The number of residual hormones found in cow milk is as much as 10 times higher than non-treated cows.3Several studies have linked these high levels of residual hormones to an increased risk of breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer in humans.
  • Growth hormones can cause early maturity in humans. In the late 1970s, the U.S. banned a growth hormone (DES) known to cause cancer. Rather than destroying the leftovers, the manufacturer shipped remaining hormones to Puerto Rico where the farmers liberally injected their chicken, pork and beef herds. Shortly thereafter, thousands of children as young as two were found to have reached full sexual maturity. The cause was residual DES in meat the children had consumed.4
  • Milk from treated dairy cows may have residual antibiotics. Cows treated with bST have a higher rate of udder infections which the farmer treats with antibiotics. The antibiotics do show up in that cow’s milk, and if the farmer does not allow a sufficient withdrawal period, the entire milk supply could become contaminated. >> Learn More (Residual Antibiotics in Food)

I suggest that you do some research yourself and do what you feel you can comfortably live with. I am buying my beef and pork from a local farmer that I can trust and I know that they do not give their animals hormones. I just feel more comfortable knowing that we are not taking these unnatural hormones into our bodies.


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