Lunch Box Idea # 27

I appreciate everyone taking the poll 2 weeks ago and letting me know which meals you were most interested in. Main Entrees for dinner is what most people are looking for with breakfast and snack ideas tying in second. For that reason this will be my last Lunch Box Idea and I will start alternating between breakfast and snack suggestions each Wednesdays.

This last week I made salad for 3 of my lunches. I grilled a huge ribeye steak and cut it in 3 portions. I made a spinach salad with cheddar cheese, hardboiled egg and a homemade salad dressing that I loved. I will share the recipe for the salad dressing later today. Doesn’t this look lovely?

The meal broke down like this:

  • Spinach- 1 gram net carb
  • Egg- 1 carb
  • cheddar cheese- 1 carb
  • ribeye- 0 carbs
  • salad dressing- .08 carbs

Total carb for meal- 3.08 carbs


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