Poison Ivy Round 2

Just when I thought the poison ivy was gone I have it again. I couldn’t remember where I could have gotten into it again and Mike reminded me that I cleaned out the flower beds last weekend. He said that he recalls seeing poison ivy in the flowerbeds before and perhaps I touched it and didn’t realize it. That is possible. I did pull weeds at the same time that I removed the dying flowers.

While I was doing it I realized how hot I was and I came in and changed my clothes. That would explain how I managed to get it on my stomach and hips. I have to be the unluckiest woman when it comes to poison ivy.

I heard years ago that washing it several times a day with lye soap would help it go away quick so wish me luck. I am giving it a try.


4 responses to “Poison Ivy Round 2

  1. Noxema always worked for me. Like a chemical sunburn, I guess!
    Poor Dear -get well soon!

  2. Never had it – never want to! Don’t really know what it is other than it makes you itch.

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    • I pray that you don’t get it too. It is horrible. I had it once for over 5 months straight. It was a nightmare. Ugh!!

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