Little Ben

I have mentioned my son-in-law Ben before. We love him dearly and he has been such a blessing to my daughter.  Now when I first met him I had no idea what to talk to him about. Ben is very unique and talented in many areas. None of which I am so I had no idea how to ‘bond’ with him.

He loves cars and while I love cars too I know how to put gas in them and drive and that is about it. He loves most things electronic and I can obviously use a computer but that is about it. He loves to take pictures but I will NEVER be able to compare to him so we can’t bond over that. He is THAT good at it.

We lovingly call Ben our little geek and he really does fit the bill. He is a youth pastor and very good at his job. He loves his work and spends about 60+ hours at the church a week. The first time I heard him preach I did it online and sat here smiling listening to him. His sermon began, “I always wish that I could have been a Jedi.” I knew then that someday I would be a grandma to a Little Ben. I can imagine that my Little Ben will be exactly like this boy. 🙂


One response to “Little Ben

  1. Haha Awww This is really sweet. He is my very wonderful geek and I love him. 🙂

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