Excuse #2

Another round of no more excuses for not eating low carb.

Excuse # 2- Eating healthy is so much more expensive. I hear this one DAILY. It comes down to what is most important to you. Your health should be one of your top priorities. You only have one body and one life. Make it count!

Eating healthy really isn’t more expensive if you stop and think about it. Usually the person who tells me that they can’t afford to eat healthy are the ones who carry in the McDonald’s bags for breakfast each day and are always walking around with a Starbucks cup in their hands.

Considering I seldom ever eat out, I carry my refillable water bottle with me, and I don’t eat junk food between meals my grocery bill is probably cheaper than yours.

Think of it this way. Add up your grocery bill and your eating out receipts and see how much that comes to. Two weeks ago I spent $57 on groceries and had enough to last me another week with the exception of yogurt, sour cream and Mike’s milk. My groceries this week are less than $20. 

How much are you spending on your  fast food, Starbucks and plain junk food? I guarantee you that eating healthy can be cheaper for you and it is definitely healthier for you.

Since eating healthy I am no longer spending $40 a month on high blood pressure medication. I no longer need it. 🙂

I gave up eating in the cafeteria at work and saved more than $370 a year by packing my own lunch and it is healthier and tastes better too! 

I challenge you to total up all of your purchases this week and see how much you are spending by eating out, grabbing things out of machines and designer coffees. Now figure out how much it will be to purchase fresh produce, meat and dairy products without purchasing junk food and in between meal snacks (which we don’t need)  and lets see which is more expensive.

Come on over to the healthier side. You will LOVE it here. 🙂


6 responses to “Excuse #2

  1. Another thing that I consider is when you eat low carb, you will actually eat less because you’re not ravenous all of the time. So that saves money on the food bill too. I agree with you. . .bad food may be cheaper than good food, but you will eat and buy more of the bad food. It will soon eclipse the cost of good food.

    • Exactly and if eating healthy you should be also eating smaller portions so you save more there too. I was worried that this post was too harsh but I am glad that so far people seem to get the point I was hoping to make. 🙂

  2. Great post – surely hits home!

  3. Tell Barb how much better she would feel by eating low carb. Lots of aches and pains go away. . . energy increases. . .weight loss. . .body starts to feel back in balance. I love it!!

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