Victoria Lied

As you know I have been walking/jogging each evening and am thoroughly enjoying it. I decided that I needed a sports bra and began my search for one. This is where things went WRONG! I am going to share things with you that quite honestly you probably don’t want to know about me. haha

I have had multiple conversations with my daughter on what kind of sports bra to get and where to get it. I am sure she is laughing at me on the other end of the phone but she humors me and so I talk on. 😛

Anyway, I only wear bras by Victoria Secret. Body by Victoria to be exact. See I told you I would be sharing more than you wanted to know. 😛 I remember before losing the weight I went into VS and inquired about bras. They politely informed me that they didn’t carry my size bra. I had decided to shun them forever but my daughter persevered and kept dragging me back there once I lost the weight and once I wore one of their bras I was hooked. There is a big difference in the comfort and fit.

Now for my readers who have not gotten to the size where they can shop at VS let me tell you the process. You go and one of their lovely assistants measures you in 2 places to tell you what your appropriate fit is. I was totally off on what size bra I thought I wore. Once I put on the bra I was in heaven. It was so comfortable I had to have them.

Once you get measured they put you in a beautiful dressing room. They hand you a tray with your size bras on it and they let you try on every style of bra that they sell until you decide which one is the most comfortable for your body.

Once you know the size and style they give you a little pink card to keep in your purse so that you will always know what is your best fit. Then they take you to the store and show you where your bras are and help you to make a decision. This is  a process. Yes, the bras are expensive but worth it.

Now let me get back to where Victoria Lied. I was looking for a sports bra and since all of my bras are VS bras I went to their website to look for a sports bra. I found this one.

Sports bra by VS

Read the top line to the side of the bra. Now read it again. Do you really think this 48 year old woman is going to get a runway body simply by putting on that bra? After years of obesity, having 2 children, a caesarian and a hysterectomy do you really think that is going to happen? See I told you I would share too much with you. 😛

Now I haven’t purchased the bra yet but you know that I will because as I said before I only wear VS bras and in the end they are always right. You can’t beat the comfort and fit. However,  I can pretty much guarantee you that I will never get the runway body but I will get the better health! 🙂



3 responses to “Victoria Lied

  1. Very helpful indeed! I am in much need of bra shopping.

  2. Do you have a locally owned running shoe shop (not a big chain store) in your town? We have a Fleet Feet Sports (chain, but locally owned) that will measure you for a sports bra similar to VS. And they have a wide variety – varying supports – some with wider straps, some with velcro straps, some with adjustable straps just like bras. Well worth going to a running store for a sports bra.

    P.S. Also try Soma for regular bras. I find VS caters to 20 year olds in regards to styles and fits.

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